As an active member at Aerial Dance, I make it a priority to attend as many conditioning, aerial, and flexibility classes as possible. I am always trying to improve my skills, strength, and flexibility. Pole is still my true love of the Aerial Sports. That is what drives me to go to my classes. Through the past couple months,  I have had many students approach me and mention to me about how strong I am. I’ve even heard a, “Oh, I wish I could be that strong.” The truth of the matter is that I rarely ever miss or cancel out of any of the classes I sign up for.
Being a student of Aerial Dance, I know that our instructors spend large amounts of time planning ability based curriculum. They look at each class (not just classes using apparatus) to analyze which students that are in that class and their ability level. They then take that information and construct the intensity of the class around the students needs or abilities. The instructors plan their classes this way to help students reach their  aerial goals! Frequently, students drop in and out of classes, which makes it difficult for the instructors to plan.

I Can Feel the Instructors’ Pain

I know that some of you are not fellow teachers, but I can empathize with our instructors struggles as an educator myself. Think about it this way. Remember back to when you were in school. I bet some of you can remember a classmate who was always absent. You probably remember that they had some difficulties in class. Whether it was in reading, writing, or math. You could see their struggle. It may have made you think, “Maybe if you were at school, it wouldn’t be so hard.” That sounds a little harsh, but for me as an educator it causes a whole new problem in my classroom. I have had several students who were absent 30 plus days in a single school year. Their absence made planning daily lessons very difficult. I was trying to move the rest of my class forward and constantly playing catch up with those who were absent.
Now let’s apply this to classes at Aerial Dance. You come to the studio, because you love your sport, whether it be pole, hoop, hammock, or silks. I’ve seen many students become frustrated with their sport.  Could this frustration come from canceling out of too many of your conditioning classes? Or even canceling out of your weekly aerial sport? I know that life gets extremely busy, and you can’t make every class, but know that your instructors are planning for you. Several times of week, maybe even a day, our instructors are creating and changing plans for classes to meet our needs.

These women are extraordinary people, They all hold jobs outside of Aerial Dance. Somehow they still find time in their busy lives to help us become stronger and more confident women. So, the next time you think about canceling out of a class, because you just don’t feel like going. I hope this blog pops back into your mind. Our amazing instructors are thinking and planning for YOU! Our classes are not a one size fits all. Each class is individualized to meet YOUR needs! This individualization is what keeps me coming back time and time again to Aerial Dance.
Until Next Time!