You never know where you’re gonna use the skills you’ve learned in class in real life. Learn how to have fun everything you do. I’ve seen plenty of photos on Facebook of the girls from my classes doing stands and climbs on stoplights and roadsigns and other posts. It’s just something that just feels fun. Don’t be afraid to let loose and enjoy your life for what it is. Be safe of course, but let loose and bring joy to others around. You know, you’re paying good money to do these Pole classes so you’d better enjoy it outside of class as well.

I went to Virginia last summer and found a tree that looked fun to climb. I’ve always been into climbing trees. It’s just something that I truly enjoy. I ended up finding the perfect tree to do a leg hang off of. I remember doing an inside leg hang up in this tree. My friend decided to take a picture and honestly, the joy that you could see on my face made me so happy. Could I hang upside down from a tree if I didn’t do Pole? Probably not.

Recently, I went on a date to a trampoline park. Definitely one of the more fun things I’ve done as of late. Simple date idea but more fun than you could imagine. You don’t need kids to go to a trampoline park! At this park there was an obstacle course, and in this obstacle course they had silks and hammocks for people to try and walk past. Because of Pole I was able to win the race and get to the end of the obstacle course. I blew through those silks so quickly. When we were done, I ended up going back to the hammocks and doing a straddle back into a few other moves and ended up rolling down from the top. It was very fun and I’m happy that I could show off my skills a little bit.

Pole has helped me find my strength, coordination and balance, and it’s helped me with my confidence levels tremendously. Moral of the story is just don’t forget to have fun and use what you’ve learned in class wherever you can.

Want to learn how to climb on pole, hammock, and silks?! Try it out at Intro to Pole or Intro to Aerial!