Aerial Dance 2017 I Love the 90’s Christmas Show!

Another year of Christmas Show has come and gone. The show came and went by so fast, I swear I blinked and it was gone! How many of you are feeling withdrawals yet? I know that I already am! I feel like I should be practicing all the time yet.
This year was my third year performing/attending the Christmas show. The only thing I can say is WOW! Each year the show surpasses my expectations ten fold! This year with the new pole setup was just unbelievable! The stage was absolutely gorgeous! How blessed are we to be part of an amazing studio that is constantly thinking of our performing future! Each performance was top notch!  All of the ladies looked beautiful on stage! So confident and graceful! I hope each and every one you is proud of yourself! I almost forgot to mention how awesome it was to have our first male performer in the show! Kudos to Russ and Aerial Dance for shattering the bias that pole is only for women! Pole is for everyone!
If you have yet to see the highlight reel please click and enjoy! Our videographers truly go above and beyond! Also did you know that Debbie Daanen Photography captured some beautiful shots of the show?!?! If you haven’t stopped by Aerial Dance’s photo albums lately you should!
Ladies in Mambo #5, not to tweet our own horn, but I am super proud of how our routine went! We came along way in the last few weeks before the show! It was an absolute blast and I enjoyed dancing with each of you! Thank you for all of your hard work! I am sorry to all of my partners for any accidental kicks that may have happened along the way. It was  truly a pleasure to work with each of you and to get to know you better as a person along the way!



From all of us at Aerial Dance, I would like to thank Nature’s Pathways Magazine, Epiphany Law, and Kerber Rose & Associates for sponsoring the show!  Thank you to Event Production Systems and Modtruss  for designing and constructing our beautiful stage! Thank you to all the friends and family who came out to support loved ones do what they love! Without your support system we would not be the strong man and women we are today.
The BIGGEST THANK YOU I would like to extend goes out to Owner Paula and her team of amazing instructors! None of us would be where we are today without you! We are so blessed! Thank you again to all of the people who made this year’s Christmas Show possible! It was the best show yet!
Until Next Year!