The last 2 months have been interesting to say the least.  We have gone from going 100 mph, hugging our loved ones and spending time with the neighbors, to being locked up at home and isolated.  The shift has been drastic, and everyone is coping with it differently.  During this time, there is one thing in particular I’m really struggling with because I just don’t understand.  Why are liquor stores deemed essential?

I agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I don’t disrespect anyone that has an opinion that is different than mine.  As we are in lockdown, there are essential business that can stay open.  I totally understand that medical facilities, police officers, firefighters, grocery stores, banks and gas stations are all considered an essential business.  However, I really struggle with the fact that liquor stores are deemed essential.  Can someone please explain this to me?

I do not condone or judge anyone for drinking.  Some people may choose to judge me because I choose not to drink and that is okay.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What is society coming to?  Is drinking this important?  Is this really what matters in people’s lives?  I would think family and staying healthy would matter more.  It makes me sad to see that something that can destroy people is considered essential and so many businesses that help people and provide a positive impact in lives of others needs to close. 

I understand that we can’t have all alcoholics stop drinking during this time because our hospitals would be flood with individuals detoxing.  However, they could get their alcohol from a grocery store or a gas station.  I don’t know if I am missing the boat on this however it really makes my heart heavy to see how much weight is put on drinking.  Society puts so much importance on drinking that it’s considered essential.  I really hope everyone can take some time during this shutdown to truly take a look and their personal lives and decide what is essential.  I can tell you my health, family and friends are way more essential to me then what any bottle.