A New Term is Upon Us!

Each passing term brings a roller coaster of feelings! For some it is the excitement of transitioning to a new level and others it is the shear joy and terror of a new pole/aerial adventure. For me, this new term brings out feelings of nervousness, joy, and fear. Many of you know that Steve and I have decided to do a piece for the Student Show Case.
This is a new adventure for the two of us. Steve has been to many doubles co-ed hoop workshops, but he has never performed. He is really stepping out of his comfort zone for me on this one. Thankfully he enjoys hoop so it won’t all be terrifying for him. This will only be my second time performing in the Student Show Case and my first time ever performing on an apparatus that is not pole.
We are just getting underway with deciding which song and how to edit it down. I am a  pretty tech savvy person and feel I should be able to cut the song down. Steve and I are both excited to work together to create a beautiful routine for the show. I am hoping that we can showcase his strength on the hoop and showcase some of my strengths on pole. It will be an adventure and I am hoping that we won’t kill each other in the process. I will keep you updated as we move along!


Steve truly is a good sport when it comes to taking classes at the studio with me. He was a trooper at the Couples Valentine’s Day Workshop. Instructor Chrissy and Dan did an amazing job with the choreography! It was a an absolute blast. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. If your significant other is on the fence about taking workshop reach out to others who have done them. They will be surprised by all of the positive responses!
With each class Steve takes at the studio to support my passion, I try to do something to support one of his. Recently this compromise and support system caused me to watch Steve shoot a 3D Archery Tournament. A 3D Archery shoot has 3D foam animals to set up to shoot at various distances. The shooter is ideally aiming for the 12 or the 10 point ring on the target. The shooter must go through the course and shoot one arrow at each target. The person with the highest score at the end wins.  Depending how many people are shooting the tournaments can get pretty lengthy.
While sitting and watching Steve shoot, I decided that I am much more of a doer rather than a watcher. After Steve had finished, I told him that if he was willing to teach me how to shoot. I would learn how and shoot with him. I have been to many 3D shoots and have thought I would enjoy shooting archery for quite some time now, but I was afraid to try something new. Archery is primarily a male dominate sport. I wasn’t sure if I would be cut out for it. When it finally came down for me to make the choice of if I was going to learn or not I decided to go for.
Learning how to embrace new and uncomfortable things is one of the biggest lessons that Aerial Dance has taught me. I firmly believe that I can embark on this new journey, because Aerial Dance has taught me to find strength within myself.  AND not to give up after failing. I have only shot my bow two times at actual targets. So far I have broken one arrow, but I did mange to hit the 12 point ring twice on 3D at 40 yards. With each passing term at Aerial Dance you learn and discover a little more about yourself. I can’t wait to see what my Aerial Journey will help me conquer next!

Until Next Time!