Much like my last blog, earlier this year (pre-covid19), I said I decided to try the other apparatuses because I was curious what they were like. One thing I did forget to mention about the silks, was that my curiosity for wanting to try the silks was because I had been watching other folks on the silks climbing, spinning/ twirling and doing all these fun tricks make it looks so easy and effortless, which it is not. So that led me to want to try and see how “effortless” it really is. And I am glad I did that.

So that leads me to what I think is similar to the silks, the hammock. This particular apparatus I wanted to try because I honestly didn’t know that the hammock was a thing that could be climbed and such. When I heard or thought of a hammock, I thought laying on fabric tied between two trees and just chilling out and relaxing. So the hammock was pretty neat to ‘discover’.  Also not realizing that the hammock takes lots of effort and strength. My hands also got red from this too, but it wasn’t too bad, and I got over it after a shower and adding some moisture to the hands; the fabric can dry your hands out a little bit. Safe to say I had loads of fun in this class as well. I was a little nervous at first because I wasn’t sure what to expect, but at the same time I was excited to try it out. The hammock though also takes lots of hand/arm/core strength (I would say more arm strength and grip) and some coordination, but it was also pretty relaxing too. It was fun to go upside down and swing a little. It was a little uncomfortable because both the hammock (along with the other apparatuses) really get you to test your trust in yourself. So while it was fun to go upside down and stuff, I will admit I was nervous and scared to do it. But in the end, I did it and felt great/proud about myself.

Getting to do the different poses/positions along with getting into them was pretty interesting and fun. Getting to lay in the hammock was more so the relaxing part. I don’t think I realized how much of an affect it can have on your arms as well as your whole body. My arms felt like noodles afterwards for a little bit, but that went away after a little while. I realized then, how coming to this studio was a great move for me. I am glad I got to experience what being on the hammock was like because it was a lot of fun. I would for sure recommend for anyone on the fence about it as it is usually a good policy to try most things at least once to see how you feel about it. Maybe down the road I’ll try the hammock again. 

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