As a newer member of the Aerial Dance sisterhood, I knew that there were lots of opportunities for me to take different kinds of classes. I have taken a good spread so far, but there are so many classes that I still haven’t tried.  I have taken beginner and intermediate pole terms, beginner silks and hammock classes as well as Bendy Babe and Abs& Asses, and recently took my first workshop.  It was called Chair Tricks and it was certainly a different experience than I as expecting.  

It was just as much fun as my other classes but it had a different energy to it.  This was the first class where I was in a mix of different skill levels among the other women.  I met so many new faces, and they were all just as welcoming as all the women in my previous classes, but you could definitely tell which ones had been training for a long time and those who were newer like me.  The ones who had been taking classes for a longer period of time all seemed to have the same confidence.  It was something about the way they could manipulate their bodies into the shapes and poses that we were shown so quickly and elegantly.  Although I certainly wasn’t the only one struggling to get into some of the poses, those of us who were taking longer to get into the shapes all found solace in one another and the awkwardness.  I love that I always find someone to relate to and have a good time with in every class.

I definitely want to try more new types of classes but there are also ones that I am avoiding because I’m too chicken because I think they will be too hard.  I can’t wait until I get the confidence that the other women have gained from being at the studio for a while.  I know that if I keep going to classes and learning new moves that I will be happier with my body and abilities, who knows, maybe one day I will be one of the women that a new member will see and want to be like in the future.  There are so many fun things that I have tried, but I know that this is just the beginning of a fulfilling future for me. I can’t recommend the Aerial Dance studio enough to anyone who is looking for a new exciting take on exercise.