We’re fortunate to have a supportive community at Aerial Dance and throughout the pole community in general. We cheer each other on, offer tips for moves and stretches, and encourage dance and flow. Because of the guidance of our peers, we sometimes forget our biggest cheerleaders – our instructors! The instructors at Aerial Dance go through hundreds of hours of training and certification in order to teach classes, not to mention the years they’ve put in to learning pole on their own time. If you are having trouble with a certain move or need to stretch a specific muscle group, your instructor will almost certainly be able to help you. If they don’t know, they will ask a reliable source. Too often, I see people soliciting advice from strangers on the internet. These people, however well-meaning, do not know your body and likely don’t have any training that validates their advice. Aerial Dance instructors undergo continuing education to make sure they are teaching to the best of their ability. Utilize this wonderful resource!

If an instructor offers a suggestion during class or practice, listen and try it out! It might not work, but at least you know they wouldn’t ask you to try something that might be dangerous. Take strangers’ advice with some caution and a grain of salt, and always consult a medical professional if you experience unusual physical pain while performing a trick.