I want to start with the disclaimer that all women are strong and beautiful and deserve to be recognized and celebrated.  That said, the inclusive recognition and celebration is one of the very things I love about Aerial Dance;  they are welcoming and supportive of all women.  But this particular blog, this one is for the moms. 

Mom’s make up a large chunk of the students I cross paths with and what never ceases to amaze me is the very different places in life we are all in, while simultaneously also being in the same place. Other than the connection of Aerial Dance, one commonality is we often go about our days being unseen, or at least feeling that way.  I want you all to know, I see you. You are an inspiration. 

To the moms of adults, to the moms who have daughters who are or could be students themselves.  I see you; you are such an inspiration.   You inspire not only your own offspring to take care of themselves but also show us all, it’s never too late to do something for ourselves and make us a priority.  

To the moms who have been moms for some time now and you’re just starting to feel like you have your own life.  I see you.  You are an inspiration.  Showing up for yourself, doing something outside of the norm, you are paving the way for your children and inspiring all of us along the way. 

To the moms who are moms to littles and you’re not even sure what parts of your body are yours and which still “belong” to your children.  I see you.  You are doing amazing things just making out the door. You are an inspiration.  

To the moms who find themselves growing a human while on their aerial journey.  I see you.  You are exhausted, probably nauseous, and still showing up.  You’re center of gravity is ever evolving and you are still doing bada** stuff, in addition to growing a human. You are an inspiration. 

To the moms whose bodies have changed, adjusted, grown, stretched, shrunk and did everything in between, I see you.  You are beautiful and you are showing it to all those around you.  You are an inspiration. 

To the moms doing it on their own.  It takes a village and you’re not only managing but prioritizing yourself in the process.  You have amazing strength and courage.  I see you.  You are an inspiration to all of us to keep showing up. 

To the moms who find themselves mourning the loss of a child.  You can hurt.  You can cry.  You can be you. It’s okay to lean on the support of the sisterhood, even when you are showing up strong and amazing.  And most importantly, I see you.  You are an inspiration. 

To the moms who share their aerial journey with their children.  I see you. I cannot wait to see the impact of your inspiration.  You are empowering the next generation of humans to not only be accepting and adventurous but to also embrace who they are and what their bodies can do. You are an inspiration. 

To the moms who are out there not really sure how you are making it day to day but still manage to get to the studio.  I see you.  Keep showing up.  You are an inspiration. 

To the moms showing up with baby puke, to the moms without matching shoes, to the moms who appear to have it all together, to the moms who forget a sports bra, to all the moms, I see you.  You are an inspiration.  Please, keep showing up.  Please, keep prioritizing your well being.  Please keep being the amazing, inspiring, bada** women you already are.