Opportunity Sides

Aerial Dance has helped me by providing me with more strength, confidence, and grace than I could have ever imagined. From the time I started my journey, I have always had an opportunity side. Raise your hand if you have ever heard an instructor say, “Make sure you do both sides!” I know that I have. I have heard those words countless times. That phrase has been sounding loud and clear in my head the last few weeks. WORK ON BOTH SIDES JANELLE!! A few weeks ago, I decided that I would take a back muscle progress picture to compare my progress from a year ago. What the picture revealed was jaw dropping…..
I knew that I had neglected my opportunity side a little, but I just didn’t realize how much that was. I would say three of the four times I practiced on my right side, I would practice it only once or twice on my left. From the pictures below you will see the significant difference in the height of my shoulders. My right shoulder is much stronger than my left.

By neglecting my opportunity side, I have created a whole different kind of journey for myself. A more difficult one to correct. If you would have asked me a year or two ago about my journey I wold have told you that I was diligent about using both sides equally. I am not sure a what point in my pole journey the inequality started, but I did very little to correct the bad habit I had created.
Paula and our instructors are going to kill me as I did not listen to their guidance. Please learn from my mistake as you are working on your journey. Be sure to condition both sides EQUALLY! In my near future I will be working on increasing my left shoulder strength. I will be attending more conditioning classes and be sure to practice more on my opportunity side.

My Shoulder Plan

Moving forward to help change the inequality of my shoulders, I have worked with a trainer to construct a shoulder workout plan. I am sharing it here with you. Please note that the weight suggested is solely for me. If you choose to follow any of these exercises please use the weight is appropriate for you.
1-2 times per week
Max shoulder presses with 35 lbs
15 Feet elevated push-ups (the more your feet are elevated the more you will work your shoulders)
8 reverse flies

15 regular push-ups
8 shoulder presses (try with the 30s or 26s)
8 front to lateral shoulder raises

5 dive bomber pushups

I am not perfect by any means and I have created a difficult situation to overcome. The beauty of our pole journey is there are always opportunities for us to improve, fix our mistakes, and to become stronger. Wish me luck on my journey to even out my shoulder strength.
Until Next Time,