I’ve always touted pole fitness as an empowering sport. I know this from personal experience and I know that I could find a few women in my classes who would agree. That empowerment has shaped me into the confident woman I am today, and it’s the reason I recommend this sport to anyone who will listen.
I’ve recently determined that there is another side of pole: It’s humbling. I knew I would have some work to do when I returned, but I was still certain I could pull off those advanced moves I had been able to do when I left. Each time I get on the pole, I’m reminded how far I’ve come, but also how far I have to go. I’m getting better at basic spins, like Chair. I didn’t even have that spin down before I left, and now I can do it!  I tried to do an aerial invert, and failed miserably.  That was a hard pill to swallow, because it was something I had worked SO hard and just finally achieved before I left. Agh!

Breanna - Shipshead

BEFORE (When I just came back :))



I’m bench-marking my progress by how well I can perfect my basic moves, like Shipshead. Funny enough, I think my BEFORE picture is much more flattering, but I did complete a Hoop class AND my Intermediate class before the NOW photo was taken.
I see some improvement in the NOW photo. I like that I’m closer to the pole in my NOW photo (versus the gap that you see in the BEFORE photo). I still have my bottom foot up, but I’ve recently learned that that is acceptable. Now you know too! My tiredness in the NOW picture is probably the reason that my shoulders aren’t as far back as they should be. When you do moves like that, you want to have your shoulders back–be proud! 🙂
Breanna - Scissors




With Shipshead tends to come Showgirl. I’m quite fond of the scissor-leg version, and I don’t think I’ve done a normal Showgirl since I’ve learned that version. I’m pretty proud of my NOW picture. My hand might be higher than in my BEFORE picture, but I feel like the move looks stronger. My legs are wider and I’m more forward than in the BEFORE picture. I see more strength and more confidence, and it makes me VERY happy that there’s improvement!
One step at a time! Some days are amazing–I feel like I’m making leaps and bounds. Other days, I can’t get something I KNOW I should be able to do. It’s a roller coaster ride! Whether you’re a Beginner student or an Extreme student, you’ve got to keep riding that roller coaster. You’ll hit some rough spots and some low spots, but they make the victories that much sweeter. 🙂