Christmas Show!

We are now down to less than two weeks away from the show! If you are like me, stress for the show is also in full force. There are few things that I would like you to remember as the next few weeks race by. .

  1. DO NOT RUN YOUR BODY RAGGED! I know that you want your routine to be the most epic and glorious routine that it can be, but it won’t be if you run yourself into the ground! It is crucial that you continue to take care of yourself over the next couple weeks. Practices run long and you work three times harder than your body is accustomed to. If your body is exhausted, it can lead to injuries. No one wants that just before the Christmas Show.
  2. DRINK WATER! Lots and lots of water!
  3. SLEEP! This time of year is extremely busy for everyone. Make sure that you are getting an adequate amount of sleep for yourself. Your body needs sleep to repair itself. If I am still not making my self clear, I’ll put it plainly for you. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Your body will thank you for it!
  4. Feedback from your instructor is meant to helpful not hurtful. Please know that in all that you do, your instructors are so incredibly proud of you! Their feedback is to guide you to become the best performer you can be. Listen with an open mind and heart, they see your whole body and your movements.
  5. Remember to be kind to your pole sisters. Everyone is busting their a$$ and doing their best. Remember she is her own worst critic, she doesn’t need your two cents as well. Performing is scary all on its own. We are here to support and show love for one another.
  6. Stress: performing is extremely stressful and everyone handles stress differently. Over the next few weeks check in with yourself to see how you are managing your stress.
  7. FUN!!!!!! The Christmas show is meant to be FUN! We are not professionals. This performance is meant for you to share your love of pole with the ones you love. They will not know if you make a mistake unless you tell them. In their eyes you are already amazing, strong, and beautiful. So get on that stage and shine!

We Are All In This Together

After the show there is always a celebration for the dancers and guests. There is food, drinks, and laughter. Oh my goodness is there laughter. For those of you that are attending/performing for the first time I encourage you to stay and celebrate your success. Enjoy the company of your pole sisters, enjoy the satisfaction of all your hard work, and a job well done. During this time all the stress of the show fades away and you can breathe again. This time is for you and only you. You have earned it!

The Instructor Finale for Christmas Show 2017

Until Next Time,