I have been pole dancing for just over four years now and it is one of the only fitness programs that I have actively stayed with since I was in high school. Granted, since COVID hit there has been minor set backs with the shutdown and getting sick quite frequently. Five plus years ago, I never thought I would have taken the steps to get into my intro class, but one of my old coworkers insisted I go with her. That first day was all I needed before I signed up for a full-blown membership and continued my journey.

I started off strong with pole, getting into any workshop or extra class that I could… and that is when I discovered hoop. I felt like I could touch mountain tops! Being able to string together a short combo was invigorating, but then they would get us to add some spin in there. I felt like a whole new me once I practiced hard… bruises and all. On top of a pole studio, the studio offers aerial arts. Hoop is still my favorite along with pole, but it has been a minute since I have been able to get into a class! It is always nice to go in and spend some time with our instructors, plus they always will accommodate the combos if you can’t hit a move right away!

One of my favorite things about the studio would have to be that the instructors are always evolving in their skill set—whether it is active flexibility or playing on new apparatuses that could possibly become a part of our studio! On top of seeing my own progress, I love watching my peers and instructors continue to push their own boundaries and learn new skills! Also, seeing girls move up to their first advanced class and seeing the undying support from everyone else in the room is a whole new vibe. 

Another thing that is pretty great about our studio is we are given several opportunities to show off our skills. In April, the studio puts on the annual Student Showcase where students can choreograph their own routines and perform solo or in a group. As soon as outdoor activities start to pick up, we start performing in events around in the community. Then in the middle of summer, students start to prepare for the Annual Show. This show is choreographed by instructors and performed by students. There is not a dull moment to be had.

Start your journey at Aerial Dance! Whether it’s pole, hoop, or any of our other ways for a fun workout. There are classes for everyone!