CONDITIONING!!! (Almost) All of us hate it – but it is so important to ourprogress. There is a reason that we include it in all of our classes. HINT – its because we know how important it is to continue growing our abilities. We use conditioning to train our muscles so they understand what to do when we try new, more challenging moves. Your instructors come in at least twice a week to train their own skills – and much of this time is actually spent conditioning. We review old moves to help our muscles remember how to engage and because those moves are often precursors to new, harder tricks too.

We offer such a wide variety of conditioning classes because we know its not as much fun as tricks. But if we can switch up the transmission of information, it does keep things interesting and make it a little less daunting. I personally love Abs and Asses… I work my upper body so much practicing tricks that I feel like my lower body doesn’t get as much attention most days. Targeting it every now and then is truly satisfying – I love/hate a trustfall to the toilet type of workout.

If you get stuck on a new move that isn’t working, ask your instructor if there is any conditioning that might help – I bet she’ll be able to give you some ideas! Work on that conditioning, take it seriously and you will see results in your tricks too.