I want to take some time to discuss one of our least favorite things to work on at the studio, but one of the most important… conditioning! It is probably the part of class that most of us dread the most. There is a reason conditioning is featured in any class you take. Conditioning will take your aerial journey to a whole new level. This is one of the things that I utilize my journal for. Side note, if you aren’t keeping track of your progress and setting goals, I highly recommend it.

Is there a move that you’ve been dying to nail but struggle every week trying to make it happen? Figure out conditioning for that particular move and incorporate that into your workouts and practices! I would definitely keep working on the move to keep building the muscle memory. You will definitely notice the move gets easier with time, and probably other moves as well! Now I’m not saying it’s a guarantee that you’ll nail every move because there are always other factors that come into play as well (like flexibility but that’s a whole other topic). I also recommend taking some Aerial Conditioning, Pole Strong, and Hammock Fit. I highly recommend pole strong for conditioning that is directly related to pole. Really any conditioning or fitness class will have you working on things that will help with your aerial journey. Sometimes it can be hard when you see all the other fun classes available on the schedule. I try to make it a goal to book at least one conditioning class a week. I also made it a point to write down specific conditioning that will help me so I can remember to work on it at home or in practice. Any time that you are at a practice you are always welcome to go into the fitness room and take advantage of the variety of fitness tools the studio offers. If you aren’t sure where the fitness room is, just ask!

Working conditioning into every Aerial Dance visit will definitely help you with your overall aerial goals. Make sure you have a plan, and ask for help when you need it!