As I am working through my journey back to strength and mobility, I am taking as many classes at Aerial Dance as I can. I am so grateful for the variety and to see all of the smiling eyes of the instructors and students. This has been harder than I thought it would be with a six month old. Izzy wants to be held all of the time. Arnie’s and my body are breaking down from holding the 21 pounder all of the time and compensating in horrendous ways. She also won’t take a bottle anymore so we really have to be good at coordinating when I go to the studio in between feedings. But boy, when I do get to go to the studio, I am so happy afterwards. These classes give me so much motivation to keep powering through. 

While nothing beats the in-person environment of the studio, it is so great to be able to take Online classes as home. The first time I used Pole Studio Manager (PSM) for an online class I was pleasantly surprised because it was amazing! I personally find it to have much better visual and audio than any other platform. I feel like I am right in the room with everyone. Way to go Paula and co for designing such an amazing and versatile platform for us to stay connected and keep fit!

Lastly, don’t forget to take advantage of the videos in PSM! They are such great quality and a phenomenal way to review all of the cool things you do at Aerial Dance.