I know that these blogs are typically positive in nature, and I promise I will get there. It cannot be stressed enough how important mental health can be. The past 4 months have been absolute torture on me. Just before life threw as many curve balls at me as it could, I signed up for the annual show (I know it was ages ago but every woman who preformed was absolutely gorgeous and killed it!). When life started throwing punches, every inch of me wanted to step back from the show. I told my husband repeatedly that I couldn’t do it, but he encouraged me to not quit. Show day came and went and boy am I glad that I stuck with it! It was a nice break from everything else going on. I never thought about what came after. I went to a few classes after the show, and I slowly realized I was doing more early canceling than showing up. It has been about a month and a half since I’ve taken a class and I plan to return to my regular pole class Monday. Let me tell you something… I am terrified! Can I still do it? Is all my strength gone? Will I remember to engage? What if I fail?

As I sat here today thinking about writing this, I’m slowly realizing that I have nothing to be afraid of. I know that the second I step foot in those doors I will be at home again. I will be welcomed with open arms and I know it’ll feel like I was never even away. Will I have to rebuild some strength? Absolutely! But it will come back in time. Will my first day back be a struggle? I have no doubt in my mind, but I will show up and I will do amazing! 

I cannot wait to see everyone again. If I’ve learned anything from writing these blogs about Aerial Dance it is that I never should have stepped away in the first place. It is my happy place! My break from life and everything that happens, and I wish it didn’t take writing some blogs to remember that. But I remember now, and I am so excited to be going back.

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