When things change around you, things change inside of you! My world fell apart this year and I recently moved from Milwaukee to the Fox Valley as a single mother with no family. I was in search of a hobby to keep me distracted from the hardships in my life. The hobby turned into a passion intertwined with exercise, and I was more inspired than ever before to be apart of a class where other women also go, to feel beautiful! My confidence and self esteem had been jeopardized and I didn’t know where I was going really, but I knew the journey wouldn’t be boring. I’m also afraid of heights, but I was much more afraid of never flying in life! Moving to the Valley in Appleton was the best decision I ever made after me and my son had been hurt by his father. Even though I’m alone here now, I know that people in the community and at Aerial Dance have the positive vibes and energy that I craved and pole class at Aerial has introduced me to those people, and helped me feel like I know how to fly. Beginner Pole has given me the confidence I longed for, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the beautiful people who run the show so I have them to thank for regaining part of my identity!