I am not a football fan.  I don’t even understand the rules of football.  I can’t even tell you what teams played in the Super Bowl.  I ventured out to watch the Super Bowl for the social aspect.  Instead of watching the game, I was more concerned about scheduling my classes at the studio.  The only thing about the Super Bowl to capture my attention was the half time performance.  “Little Buddy” and I were watching the Super Bowl at Kittner’s in downtown Green Bay.  As soon as we saw JLo on the pole, we screamed with excitement.  The performance got even better when JLo’s dancers were in the background doing tricks like Chopsticks, Leg Hangs, Jades, Handsprings and Ayeshas.

Isn’t it so great to see that pole was on national television!  It was the perfect opportunity to educate people.  Furthermore, it was the perfect opportunity to show how difficult the sport is along with how much endurance and strength that it takes.  I was also in awe of both JLo’s and Shakira’s dance skills.  And they looked absolutely amazing and gorgeous at the ages of 43 and 50.  

Unfortunately, some didn’t share my opinion of the half time performance.  The haters found it to be “inappropriate,” “provocative,” and “sexualized.”  I can’t help but wonder if I was watching the same half time performance as these people.  In writing this blog, I thought I would watch the half time performance again to see if I am perhaps missing something.
Nope, I am not missing anything at all.  What I don’t understand is that both JLo and Shakira were more clothed than Adam Levine during last year’s half time performance.  What I don’t understand is that it was acceptable for Adam Levine to have his shirt off during last year’s half time performance, but it was not alright for a woman to show her midriff.  I especially focused on the pole tricks, and nothing was remotely offensive.  The pole tricks were amazing!  I loved how the dancers were all doing different tricks.

What inspired me to write this blog were my fellow Pole sisters.  As I was looking through my news feed on Facebook, I noticed that many of my Pole sisters were commenting on the negative posts regarding the half time performance.  They were defending the sport and trying to educate people. Some even posted photos.  We should be so proud of these women!  Reading their comments made me even more proud to be part of the Aerial/Pole community!  You go girls!!!