If you are a seasoned (pun intended) pole dancer, you’ll know that with the changing of the weather, also comes the changing of our grip. Depending on your skin type and whether or not you’re the sweaty type, most aerialists have a preferred climate they train best in. For me, it’s summer. I’m like a lizard and I like it hot, hot, hot. A little bit of sweat is good for our grip. My skin gets that dewy/sticky thing going on and I grip like crazy. But that’s not the case for everyone. Too much sweat can be catastrophic and frustrating. So, with the warmer weather on its way, let’s talk about some ways we can combat that annoying perspiration!

Clothes that breathe

Not everyone is comfortable prancing around in just a sports bra to stay cool. And that’s okay! Find a loose-fitting tank top that can easily be tucked up for tricks that require stomach grip such as an Embrace, or Frodo. Keep in mind that not all loose-fitting fabrics are going to keep you cool. Avoid fabrics made out of plastics and instead, consider a fabric made of bamboo pulp. Not only is it breathable and moisture-wicking, it provides UV protection up to 50 UPF.

Switch up your grip routine

If you must use a grip aid, now is a good time to try different brands. Luckily, the sport of pole has come a long way from the days of shaving cream (ever wonder why you see it on the shelves of Aerial Dance?) and we have more than a couple of grips to choose from. Look for something that’s liquid chalk based such as Dry Hands or Tite Grip. Try applying it to the pole as well as your body. Consider skipping wax-based grips such as itac. They may give you super-human grip at the start, but become dangerous as your start to sweat through it as you never know when the grip will give out!

Bring a small, battery operated fan

We try our very best to keep our studios feeling cool and comfortable, but sometimes those big beautiful windows have other plans. Keeping a small fan in your dance bag that you can keep next to your pole can be a life saver! Most bowling alleys have fans built in to the ball return just to combat sweaty hands, so why not use them for pole? If that’s not an option, try to snag a pole in the shade away from the windows if the extra sunlight makes sweating an issue. Something else I’ve seen our students doing is bringing a towel to wipe away any excess sweat prior to climbing or inverting. And as always, clean your pole as much as you feel you need to!

And last but not least, wash off that sunscreen before starting class! 

With summer, comes all it’s fun outdoor activities that require sunscreen. While absolutely essential to keeping your skin safe and happy in the summer sun, it leaves the skin feeling greasy and definitely doesn’t do our grip any favors. Take advantage of the showers we have at Aerial Dance to rinse off, and don’t forget to re-apply when leaving the studio.

I hope some of these tips help you keep the ever-changing season of grip under control! Don’t forget, if you’re trying out a new grip aid, or trying to ditch the grip all together, BE SAFE and don’t be afraid to ask your instructor for a spot on a move you’ve been previously cleared for.