I’d like to preface this blog by fangirling over everyone at the photo shoot recently – they all did SO amazing! Such beauty, such grace! Yet again, everyone’s so kind and encouraging cheering each other on, oohing and aahing over poses nailed by Wisconsin Goddesses; I sure didn’t think my afternoon would turn around so positively and quickly – just goes to show what a wonder pole dancing does for my mental health. Next time, however, I’ll have to calm my nerves just a bit more and definitely grip-up ALL OVER. 

Which leads me into my main theme: lessons and things I’ve learned about pole dancing. 
As previously mentioned, grip-up! Hands, elbow/knee pits and inner thighs are main points of contact so you want those babies gripping that pole – much like that first bottle of beer after your work week is over. JK, you’ll definitely break that bottle! Recommended forms of grip aid are the following: Dry Hands, Lupit Grip Pad, iTac, Grip RX and Dew Point Pole Grip Spray. 

You’re going to hurt and you’re going to use your whole body to workout. I’d recommend not stopping when you’re sensitive in areas because that’s only going to help desensitize you quicker (but never ever push yourself too far!). Work on your cardio, upper body strength & flexibility and embrace your calloused, strong hands. Also, if sensitive skin is a real issue with you, talk to your instructors first, but there are pole gloves or ankle protectors/grippy leggings. Knee pads are a thing too! 

Pole clothes are SO fun to shop for but definitely don’t be afraid of the booty shorts. A lot of moves need more skin and you don’t want to be sliding off the pole. Tank tops are best, but avoid anything with vinyl/sticky graphics or wording as I found those stick to the pole and do not help with moves. I have seen sticky leggings but haven’t used them. 

Have fun and work hard! I love Instagram and TikTok for pole inspiration. 
Most importantly: 1. BREATHE. 2. Point your damn toes! 3. And know you got this!
See ya in the studio, oh fierce one 🖤