Hello Everyone!
It is hard to believe that the student showcase has come and gone! It seems as if it was just yesterday, that I stood in the studio staring at the sign up sheet. I was so timid and afraid to perform. Paula and a few other instructors had watched me hesitate several times in front of the sign up sheet. Finally, one day I had enough courage to at least put my name down as interested! Writing my own pole routine caused me great anxiety, which prevented me from fully signing up for the showcase.
A couple weeks later, Paula had mentioned to me that another student was looking to possibly partner up with someone for the showcase! To my surprise it was one of my very good pole friends that I performed with in the Christmas Show! I was beyond excited. I met with her and soon enough we had agreed to dance together! In no time we had a song picked out. As the weeks went by we met almost weekly at the studio, as well as outside of the studio. We met with Instructor Leah to lock down some very amazing doubles tricks. With each passing day, I was becoming more comfortable with our routine. I was so thankful for my partner who has the patience’s of a saint!  I am not a strong dancer which required a lot of practice on the really dancey parts.
Our routine was coming together, the showcase was getting closer! Two weeks before the showcase the nerves really began to set in! What if I wasn’t ready to perform? What if I missed this step or am not successful with a trick?The words “what if” get me every time! It’s amazing how your own thoughts can sabotage your confidence.  Thankfully, I knew that my partner and I had great communication while practicing our routine! If something didn’t feel secure neither one of us was afraid to speak out about it. As Instructor Leah always says, “Communication is key!” My partner and I took those words of wisdom to heart, with that we were able to construct a solid doubles routine!
On the day of the Student Showcase, I had been replaying my routine over and over in my head. I received a text from my partner in the middle of the day asking how I was doing. This let me know that she too was feeling a little nervous. The hours of the day seemed to move so slowly! I just wanted it to be show time! When I arrived at the studio dancers were already bustling about practicing routines, making costume adjustments, and putting finishing touches on makeup! By this time my nervousness had subsided into excitement! My partner and I ran through our routine and wouldn’t you know it! I missed one of the tricks in the routine and it through off my whole rhythm! All of my anxiety came flooding back!
Once we finished practicing our routine, I headed back to the aerobic studio to practice the portion I had slipped up on. Of course each time in the other room I was able to successfully execute the combo. Maybe my slip up was the universes way of showing me that the worst was out of the way and I could worry less! The other performers in the show were amazing! The creativity shown through each routine, made me feel so proud to be among such talented strong women!
My partner and I were the last ones to perform. Our song selection was Don’t Be so Hard on Yourself by Jess Glynne. If you have never heard this song, it is worth a listen. It really hits home with many women who attend Aerial Dance. We are all our own worst critics and shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. As we were about to begin our routine the butterflies resurfaced in my stomach, but it was more excitement than nervousness. We were finally going to be able to share all of our hard work with all of our friends and family! Our routine went off without a hitch! IT WAS SO AWESOME!
If performing has ever crossed your mind the Christmas Show and Student Showcase are wonderful places to start! Remember that you don’t have to be alone on your performing adventure! A lot of ladies would love to do a doubles routine! I am so proud of each and everyone of you who performed last Friday!!!!!! AWESOME WORK LADIES! YOU NAILED IT!
Here are few snapshots from our routine, thank you to the lovely Paula for taking pictures of each routine! You are the best!