Progress is not linear and that’s okay.  I’ve always been a competitive person by nature.  One of the great things and hard things about pole is that the competition is yourself.  Every person’s  journey looks a little different, but for me the goal is always to get a little farther than the me from the previous week.  My energy levels fluctuate from week to week but slow progress is still progress.

Some weeks I make great progress, some weeks I make a tiny amount of progress or stay the same, and some weeks I struggle to hold something I held the previous week.  Some weeks before going to class I am absolutely pumped and can’t wait but there are days after working all day I have to convince myself to go (I’ve never regretted making a class but I have regretted not going).  I’m glad that I have structure and support.

Things I have struggled with, but also push me to grow.   

  1. Why is it so confusing upside down?  Honestly you think you know which leg is your right side automatically but then you’re up in the air and it’s like these legs look like the ones I was so sure of 20 seconds ago but now I don’t know how to move them.  I’m sorry which way is forward? 
  2.  I still struggle with remembering what moves are called (even if I can do them and I’ve been doing them since term 1.   I’ve learned to just ask. Most of the time I’m not the only one who can use the refresh.   Everyone is supportive and refreshers are great even if you know the move to ensure proper form.
  3. I feel like I have to fight my competitive nature and enjoy the process even though the competition is me from last week.  Sometimes the struggle is a great bonding moment.  I feel like I just have to keep repeating how amazing and supportive everyone is.  I have to remind myself that my journey is different, and that is okay.

Even when I’m struggling, time goes by so fast and it doesn’t feel like working out but I can definitely tell I worked out the next day.  This is the same even when before class I contemplate if I have the energy.  I’ve never regretted attending a class.  The structure has greatly improved my workout consistency and helped me appreciate not just my growth, but also my struggles because they are a part of the journey.