You know when you have those moments in your life that seem so… insignificant… and then they end up being a turning point for you? That’s how I feel a few months into my pole journey at Aerial Dance. I’ve been planning to get healthy for years, but just never quite made the time. Honestly, a big part of it was motivation. I have ADHD and it is physically painful for me to do anything “boring”. I push through it for chores, bills, and the things I have to do. But working out and eating right kept getting pushed to the backburner. My health suffered as a result. 

So when the subject of exercise happened to come up with my waxer, and she mentioned she had fallen in love with pole dancing, I could feel the sparks flying. My brain lit up like “heyyyyy that sounds fun – maybe we should try it?!” Of course, that little voice tried to discourage me – I can’t do that, I’ll look like a hippo trying to heave myself up on the pole, sounds too hard, what will people think, who can make time for that, blah blah blah. Just to scratch that itch, I looked up Aerial Dance and saw that they had some intro classes. Wouldn’t hurt to try it out, right? I signed up before I could talk myself out of it. I was so excited I accidentally signed up for one class twice! 🙂 As the days got closer, I was nervous and almost chickened out… I am SO glad I didn’t though!

My first class was Intro to Pole. The instructor was energetic, sweet, and sassy. She helped anyone who needed it and had words of encouragement for everyone! I left that class dripping with sweat and my arms felt like they were gonna fall off. But I felt PROUD. That’s something I hadn’t had in awhile. I was super excited for the second class the next day – Intro to Aerial. (PS: helpful hint for anyone thinking of trying both – maybe don’t schedule them back to back, LOL! My arms were not happy campers when I started using them again on the aerial apparatus.) Different instructor this time, but still super helpful, energetic, and uplifting. I could feel the passion radiating off these women – about the studio, about their work as instructors, about dance in general. It was contagious! I’ve had the same experience with every instructor I’ve had the pleasure of working with – just a great group of people! 

That first class was three months ago, and I love it more every day! I feel more confident in my body – focusing on what it can DO, rather than what it looks like. I feel sexy and beautiful and STRONG every time I leave class. I’m addicted to that feeling of satisfaction when I master a move that’s been particularly tricky for me. And I look forward to taking challenges head on (back hook to the floor – I’m coming for ya!) I’m so thrilled that little interaction led to all of this awesomeness. Joining Aerial Dance is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!