My pole journey started for the same reasons as many others at the studio I’ve talked to.  I needed a new way to work out that I looked forward to, not dread.  I had tried gym memberships, and things but it was always more of a chore to go.  I never got excited to go, it was always something I had to do, rather than wanted to do.  A chance encounter was what changed my workout path forever.

One weekend, I had gone to a friend’s bachelorette party.  After an amazing weekend, Sunday inevitably came, and we were all packing up to head home.  One of the women was all worked up because she “couldn’t find her shorts!”  I of course chime up and say that our hostess has plenty of shorts, can’t she just borrow some?  What’s the big deal?  She then explained how regular shorts were not going to cut it because she had pole class.  At this my ears immediately perked up, and I asked her to tell me more.  She then described a place where women could go to learn how to dance using a vertical pole – I of course asked for clarification which she supplied.  The very next day I stopped in at Aerial Dance after I got done with work.  I signed up for my beginner pole term on the spot!

After I started beginner pole, I was in love!  Aerial Dance became the place that I went to work it out after a bad day, to celebrate after a good day, or just go to be with fun women.  It has remained that way ever since.