SNOW! Probably one of the worst four letter words for this early in the season! Although I personally enjoy snow and winter, many do not. I am here to share with you why winter is one of my favorite seasons. Here it is!

In the winter, it is very hard for me to make excuses for not working on my aerial goals. Yes, I know it is cold…… Yes, I know it is snowing……. BUT Aerial Dance has heat and an added bonus you are always sweating not matter what class you take! So why not just go to class!?! Many say that in the winter you are working for the “perfect beach body”. I laugh at that phrase only because I am in my best shape during the winter.

In the summer my dedication to my body and my aerial journey takes a huge hit. I find that I would trade being outdoors for indoors making it difficult to make it to class. I also work odd hours in the summer, not helping my studio situation either. Truthfully it has been hard for me maintain my strength and skills by not keeping a regular studio schedule. The winter season brings more structure schedule back to my life helping me establish my aerial routine again!

During the winter months many of the outdoor actives I love to do are very limited that helps open up a lot of room in my schedule for the studio. Don’t get me wrong I love spending time hiking or snowshoeing on mild winter days, indoor is always more appealing. I also go back to teaching my regular hours. With a more stable routine in my life, I find that I am back at the studio 3 to 4 times a week rather than the 1 or 2 I managed this summer.

Moral of my Story

Yes winter can suck, but try and change your mind set! What positive things can you make happen when the winter weather is not so nice? I am not saying that you should venture to the studio if the driving conditions are not ideal, but know that the studio is always ready and waiting for you! Now is a great time if you are looking to start a new part of your aerial journey! We will be starting a new term, which means there will be a lot of intro classes!

Winter doesn’t always have to be a negative time of year. I know that many struggle with this time of year with causes that are out of our control, and the struggle gets really really hard. Remember that the studio is a safe place and your aerial sisters will care for you in all of your forms. We take the good, bad, and ugly during all parts of the year! This year make winter your b*tch! Show it who’s boss by making some amazing aerial progress!!!!!! I know I look forward to building my skills this winter!

Until next time,