In the words of the goddess Gwen Stefani, this sh!* is bananas. But allow me to be that person that has to find a silver lining to everything. I’ll admit, sometimes I want to kick that person in the shin like a double knee hold. But my brain is stuck in straight survival mode here.
I’m sure you have heard “we are all in the same boat”. We are all in the same storm, but some of us have much nicer boats than others. Yachts, dingies, canoes, canoes with a hole in it. There are many reasons why someone who is either essential or non essential might feel like they’re in a canoe right now. All reasons are personal and valid. And as long as my canoe is lined with silver, it’ll never have a hole in it. (Yey survival mode!)
A positive effect of all of this is seeing how creative and productive my friends are getting with their time either working from home or on a leave. From new hobbies and exposed talents, to home renovations or finally getting the time off they need to cope with grief and trauma. Things are scary, but there’s that silver lining I’m always looking for. Now more than ever we have the time to grow our personal relationships with our friends, spouse, children, or most importantly, OURSELVES. 
Recently I’ve taken up roller skating and swapping baked goods with friends. I’ve gotten to know my neighbors a little better. I’ve gotten to know myself a little better. And I’ve come to appreciate the people in my life so much more. If we can be this good to each other now, imagine how amazing we can be when we can finally be WITH each other. Seeing everyone’s support and light towards during such a difficult time is a testament to the invaluable sisterhood of Aerial Dance. And I can’t wait to see each and every one of you off screen and up in the air. It is the lighthouse to my canoe. And I hope it can be yours, too. 
So stay home and wash your hands!