Sign up for the show.  No really, do it.  Seriously. Do it. 

I really feel like that could be the blog post in its entirety.  Me just repeatedly saying sign up for the show.  

But, that does not actually tell you the why.  So, why is it so important to sign up, you may ask?  The simplest answer I have is, you won’t regret it.  Sign up because you will not regret signing up, but you may 100% regret not signing up.  

I am not a person I would consider a “dancer”. I am not a person I would consider a “performer”. I am not a person who 3 years ago would have ever considered being on a stage with limited clothing on. I am not a person who has extra money sitting around to spend on “extras”.  I am not someone who typically spends any extra money (or time) on me. And yet, I am about to sign up for my 4th show in 3 years.  

When songs started to be posted I was very hesitant to get excited as money is tight and life is hard, and I was not at all sure I was prepared physically, mentally, emotionally, or financially to take part in another show. And then, one of my good friends asked me about it.  When I was answering her about not knowing if I was going to partake this year, I began to be filled with impending regret.  You know- the version similar to the “fear of missing out”, except different because it was not so much of a fear of possibly missing out as it was me realizing, I would indeed regret not signing up.  I believe the exact words I said to my friend were “I’ll regret not doing it, won’t I?”  I knew the answer, but she confirmed. I would indeed regret it. 

My personal stance on life, as of today, is to try to avoid as much intentional regret as I possibly can. Meaning, if I know I will regret doing or not doing something, and there is any possible way to not cause myself the feeling of regret, I’m going to do it.

Every performance I have done with Aerial Dance has been different.  Different types of songs.  Different instructors choreographing. Different preforming partners. Different styles of movement. Different experiences. Yet it left me with the same empowered amazing feeling each time.  A feeling of being uplifted and cheered on.  A feeling of being supported.  A feeling of amazing accomplishment. 

Sign up for the show.  No really, do it.  Seriously. Do it.