Showin’ Some Pole Sisterly Love!

During the 2017 Aerial Dance Christmas Show Owner Paula introduced our new Instructor Alison! By this time you may have had a class or two with her at the studio! Well, I am here to provide you with a little more insight into our lovely new instructor! She truly fell in love with the Aerial side of the studio. I can’t tell you how many times I have taken a silks class with Instructor Alison when she was just a student and was in aw of her grace. Even then as a student she was extremely helpful in class! I would always be a tangled mess and she was always happy to help untie me.
Like many of the women who attend Aerial Dance Instructor Alison had a group of friends who wanted to take a pole class. Her friends kind of fizzled out and she was the only one to follow through. She found pole to be a little intimidating especially by herself until, she had taken an Intro to Pole class with Instructor Leah, had a blast, and the rest was history! She is now on her fourth year of attending classes at Aerial Dance!

Getting to Know Instructor Alison

Instructor Alison grew up in Neenah,  where she graduated from high school. Then she continued her education at the University of Wisconsin Platteville. She went to school for music education. She currently teaches at an intermediate school in Kimberly. For those of you who don’t know what an intermediate school is, it is a school for grades fifth and sixth. Instructor Alison is an amazing women for working with those age levels. The middle school years can be extremely difficult. Not only does she teach full time, is working to become an instructor, but she also teaches an after school choir group!
It always amazes me the of amount of instructors who actually teach or have taught in some way! We are truly blessed at Aerial Dance to have so many talented woman! We are surrounded by strong women who are their own girl bosses! Living their own goals and dreams!
Sorry I get so side tracked with how amazing our instructors are! Back to Instructor Alison!
All through her educational career Instructor Alison was involved in dance, After graduating college she found that she was not dancing as much as she would have liked. After taking the Intro to Pole class Instructor Alison realized that it offered more opportunities to reignite her dancing flame. Her love of dance is what really helped her to push aside her fears of pole and to embrace her potential.

Path to Becoming an Instructor

As Instructor Alison grew in her aerial skills, she knew she wanted more. She just didn’t know what that more would be. Being a teacher, she was looking for something to do for work over the summer. Then it hit like a sack of bricks. What if she could take something she already loved so much and turn it into a job? Luckily enough for us all things worked out in her favor!
Instructor Alison is looking forward to teaching many classes at Aerial Dance, but is most excited to share her love of silks with the students. The constant challenge of the silks is what thrills her so much! There is always some where new to grow! This summer she will be going to a training Seattle! I can’t wait to see what she brings home to teach us!

She Has Goals!

One of her main goals is to decrease her dislike of cardio. She is hoping that by teaching the conditioning classes it will help her to keep her mind off the fact that she is doing cardio. Of course she will continue to work on all of her Aerial Skills. One reminder she has for us students is to continue to challenge ourselves! Give yourself something to work toward!

Top Three

  1. GOAL SET! Not only set a goal, but also have a way to keep track of that goal! Bring a friend on your journey to help you stay accountable, journal, or just have someone to chat with!
  2. TRY NEW CLASSES! Sometimes we get stuck in a rut with one class! Go off and try another, before you know it you are having fun and building the strength to help you get out of the rut in the other class!
  3. LOVE THE JOURNEY! Love all of the small steps you take to accomplish your big goals!



Instructor Alison, we are all so excited that you are joining the Aerial Dance team! You have some many talents to offer the students! Good luck on your journey to becoming the best instructor you can be! We look forward to taking all of your classes!

Until Next Time,