Shout Out to Owner Paula!

Many of you know the owner of Aerial Dance Paula Brusky. What many of you don’t know about this woman is she is our all around real life SuperWoman. If something breaks at the studio she’s our handywoman to fix it or knows someone who can. She has installed and reinstalled the Aerial Studio floor more times than I am sure she cares to count (Which the floor looks amazing!). She has dedicated her life to the Aerial Arts, so that we as students can enjoy and benefit from them too.
Owner Paula is constantly working with her instructors to change and adapt curriculum to meet all of their students’ needs. I can’t imagine what kind of challenges were brought about when leveling the Aerial Classes. She works hard everyday, even when she is not at the studio. Have you ever called Aerial Dance? If yes, you know who answers the calls! Yep! It’s amazing owner Paula! She takes all of Aerial Dances phone calls even when she’s not scheduled to be at the studio!
Each year she works with many different companies to organize our INCREDIBLE Christmas Show! The Christmas Show is a beast to organize all on its own, but on top of that she puts on various photo shoots for students to shine in. Her work is never done. She like many teachers and business owners take their work home many nights. She is truly a strong and inspiring woman!

It’s Personal

Did you ever notice that when you step into the studio if Paula is sitting at the desk she greets you by name? I know you what you are thinking, “Janelle, she has a computer with our names right there for her to look at…” ¬†While that may be true, think of all the times she has spoke with you as you move about the studio. Not only does she know your name, she remembers specific details about your journey at Aerial Dance or even more intimate details you may have shared with her.
For Owner Paula, it’s more than remembering though, she truly cares deeply for each one of the students who walk through her doors. How much she cares about us, instructors and students alike is what sets Aerial Dance apart from any other fitness studio/facilitate in our area. For this I am very grateful! I would not be the person I am today without Paula and Aerial Dance.

Thank you

I want to thank Owner Paula for bringing Aerial Dance to the Fox Cities. So many women have become stronger, more confident versions of themselves, because of all the things that you and the instructors do! Ladies, this week as you go to your classes, I want you to take that time to say thank you. Those two words can never be expressed enough. Let your instructors and Owner Paula know how much you truly appreciate them. They work gosh darn hard for all of us! Plus you never know, you may just brighten or change their day! With the Christmas show is quickly approaching all of them are busier than ever and need to know they are appreciated!
Owner Paula please know that we are beyond blessed to be part of your wonderful studio! I couldn’t be more proud to tell someone that I am a student at Aerial Dance!
Ladies remember to Thank an instructor this week!
Until Next Time!