Who is this Bendy Babe I speak of? It is none other than our New Instructor Alyssa! Over the summer I was lucky enough to have dinner with Instructor Alyssa to know her a little bit better! Talking/interviewing new instructors is one of my favorite things to do! It is a constant reminder for me how amazing the women of Aerial Dance are! Here is a little snap shot into the life of Instructor Alyssa.

Instructor Alyssa grew up in the Appleton/Menasha area. When she was 16 she traveled to Japan as a foreign exchange student. She stayed in Japan for a year. Once she returned from Japan she graduated form Menasha High School. Instructor Alyssa then moved to Minneapolis where she attended college for the first time. As a college student Instructor Alyssa had her first experience with pole enjoyed it, but it was too costly for a college student. Instructor Alyssa graduated with a degree in Japanese language and literature.

After graduation Instructor Alyssa accepted a position as a Japaneses translator in Kentucky. In her position as a translator she mainly worked with the president and vice president of her company. She held this position for a year and decided that a desk job was really not for her and she really didn’t like Kentucky all that much. During this time her health and happiness took a downward turn. She gained weight and her work environment was not conducive for Instructor Alyssa to be successful.

Between a poor work environment and having a long distance relationship for a year Alyssa decided it was time for a change and came back home. Once home she decided that she needed to take back control of her health and begin working out again. In no time she found herself googling “pole fitness” which lead her to Aerial Dance in 2015.

As a student at Aerial Dance Instructor Alyssa immediately fell in love with pole. It only took her four short months to fall in love with all of the apparatuses. From then on she spent all of her free time at the studio! Shortly into her aerial journey Instructor Alyssa knew she wanted to become an instructor. Aside from two weeks of vacation Instructor Alyssa has been to a class or more every week. THAT IS A LOT OF SELF LOVE AND DEDICATION!!!!! Instructor Alyssa is currently in school studying kinesiology and hopes to become physical therapist.

I personally had the privilege to take a one on one hammock fit class with Instructor Alyssa and it was the bomb! She watched carefully as I worked knowing how and when to modify each exercise for my strength. I look forward to taking many more classes with Instructor Alyssa!