The Aerial Dance studio has quickly become one of my favorite places to be.  I even don’t mind getting out of bed to go to the studio, and those closest to me know how big of a deal that is. When something becomes such a positive part of your life, you want to share that with the ones you love.  That was certainly the case for me at least.  I recently moved to the area from North Carolina, so I really knew nothing about the people, area or any of its many opportunities.  I am so very glad that I discovered Aerial Dance as quickly as I did, it has honestly been one of the biggest reasons that I am coming to love the area.  

After each class I come home in a good mood, something that my boyfriend noticed and commented on.  He told me that he likes how I’m always so happy after I get back from my various classes, then he would ask what class I took that day and what all did I learn.  Well, I saw that there are frequently weekend classes that are co-ed, one day I took the risk and asked him if he would want to come take a class with me.  He has always been a very open-minded guy and we are still within our first year of dating so that may help contribute as well.  I told him that there are co-ed classes and I think it would be a really fun thing for us to do together and this way he could see first hand all of the things that I am talking about.  After a little bit of bribery, I got him to agree and immediately signed him up before he could change his mind.  

We entered the studio and he said he might be regretting agreeing to the class, but that was the last time I ever heard that.  We started the class and he quickly saw why I enjoyed it so much, and honestly, he was better than me a lot of things.  I had him on flexibility, but he could easily climb and hold himself up to do lots of the moves I couldn’t.  I think he felt like a little kid again climbing all over things and hanging upside down. The smile on his face was just as big as mine and I think it was a really great thing for us to try together.  While he hasn’t been to another class (he now works weekend shift and that’s when the classes are) but he talks about going to another one with me some day so he can see how much I’ve improved.  I highly encourage you, whether you are new to the studio or have been there for years to ask your significant other to join you for one of those classes.  The laughs that you will get watching them and the pride you get showing them your tricks is a whole extra level of fun and something for the both of you to remember.