I think it is important in life to always set goals for yourself. I wouldn’t say that going to Aerial Sance was a goal of mine at one point, but it was an opportunity that presented itself. I am glad that my sister gave me that push to sign up and try something different. So I guess you could say that was our goal, to try something together and get into shape. Pole fitness is definitely something different and more importantly so much fun!

Starting my pole journey, I often thought about what goals I wanted to achieve. Of course there were many goals I have set for myself. I continued to challenge myself all throughout beginner and intermediate to reach the goal of advanced. I’ll admit I was one of those types of people at one point in my life that compared myself to others. Honestly, that’s not a healthy way to think of things and being at the studio has taught me a little bit of that. It doesn’t matter how many terms in beginner or terms in intermediate to get you to advanced. What’s amazing is that everybody at the studio is going through the same things, we are all encouraging and uplifting each other to reach our own personal goals. 

Of course one of my goals was to get into advanced, check! Learn some beautiful new shapes and inverts, check! But the biggest ultimate goal of mine was to get into a Jordan! I’m sure everybody at the studio has that goal, I can’t imagine I’m not the only one. I mean it is part of the Aerial Dance logo! The first time I saw that silhouette my jaw just dropped and thought no way, but I like a challenge! Even for the time I wasn’t in advanced and got to see this beautiful shape being performed at showcases, I knew it was the ultimate goal. I remember the first time being told that was what I was going to be working on it next, I was in disbelief and also a little bit nervous. I wasn’t even sure if I was ready, but I did just get cleared on butterfly and that in itself I was pretty dang proud of myself. I had to clear the negative thoughts and remember to try to challenge myself. Plus, the instructors are always there to help you with tricks to get you cleared. I honestly don’t remember how many weeks it took me, but during those weeks I got closer and closer. In fact, I  could feel the difference as the weeks passed by. The day I finally got cleared was incredible! I honestly couldn’t wait to show my boyfriend, friends, and family. They knew how much I wanted that and all the encouragement that led up to that moment was amazing. Cleared on Jordan… Check!

Now that I’ve gotten cleared on Jordan, that was the ultimate goal that I wanted to achieve at Aerial Dance. Which now brings me to what’s next? I feel like honestly there is no end to trying to achieve goals at the studio. If I had to choose the next “ultimate goal” it would be getting into advanced 2. I have been very proud of myself on how far I’ve come so far in my pole journey. Setting these goals, small or big, has definitely helped me. I think it’s important for everybody to set goals, not just at the studio but outside as well. It also should not matter how long it takes you to get there… as long as you don’t lose sight of them.