I found something I love. A type of sport anyone with a free and fun spirit could keep as a passion their whole life. However, I tend to lose sight of my end goals at times. I forget that I am doing this for a physical and mental challenge and not just to win a competition (though, if I stick with this, I could eventually). I have to remind myself to go to practice sessions, as I ALWAYS end up learning something new from others. You have to remember, on any journey in life and in general- there are individuals that are willing to help you. The community at Aerial Dance is so kind and supportive, and you never feel judged. The online community is also a great space to encourage others and see progress through videos. I feel so thrilled knowing that so many strong women are on this same journey and crave new adventures just like me.

It feels so crazy to me that my beginner pole journey has come to an end. I have learned so much about myself, and know I am stronger than when I first began. I have met some wonderful women that are resilient, and I look up to many. I’ll be honest… it is pretty hard to imagine myself being able to be upside down on a pole (or really, any aerial apparatus) comfortably still, but I am growing, and that’s my ultimate goal. I will continue on this path, as I have loads of fun doing pole exercise. Honestly, this type of exercise makes me forget I am burning calories. While there are other options for aerial exercise in town, I will always stick to Aerial Dance for many reasons. This includes: the amazing and very supportive community, the convenient location, the reasonable prices and options for package deals, and the beautiful space where classes are hosted. I am extremely impressed, and my pole dancing journey has been a wonderful experience that will continue on.