Getting Back To It!

It has felt like years since I have set foot in the studio! This summer has gotten the best of me. Preaching to the choir I am sure! Who isn’t busy this time of year? Next week summer school comes to an end, and I could not be happier!

However, I am nervous to get back to the studio. That may sound extremely silly, but it is true. I haven’t been keeping up with conditioning or aerial classes. I am lucky to even make it to my pole class!

It has been 5 years since I began my journey with Aerial Dance, but it is still hard to come back after any kind of break whether long or short. It is hard because I knew where I once was, and feel a little ashamed that I let my skills slide. That is an outrageous thought, but I know many may feel the same. I have always thought that it would be easier to just push off classes at studio, rather than to begin again. That thought though is so WRONG! If I continue to push off those classes…… that means I am giving up on myself. I refuse to give up on myself.

The hard truth to face is that giving up on yourself does not make the feeling of failure go away. It makes it worse. I have seen many inspiration posts about “Showing Up”. They couldn’t be more true. I just need to show up!

Showing up is the most difficult part. I am working on getting myself back to where I would like to be, but it has not been without making a commitment to myself. I have broken that commitment a few times. The best part is, I can forgive myself and start a new and morning class at the studio may be my saving grace!

Morning Classes!!!!

This summer Aerial Dance launched morning classes each day of the week. I am very much a morning person! So I was over the moon about these classes! Then reality set in….. I teach summer school 5 weeks out of the summer from 8 until noon. Huge bummer, BUT next week is the last week of summer school and you can bet I will be living at the studio!

One the greatest parts about morning classes is they are vary day to day and week to week! You can take aerial classes, pole/floor flow, pole practices, conditioning classes, and flexibility classes! I have heard girls saying, “I don’t think I’ll take morning classes. they are all conditioning or bendy.” That is not true! Be sure to check your app for each day’s schedule! Next week I see that floor flow and beginner hammock are on the schedule! I love hammock classes!

Classes being at 8:55, 10, and 11! Even people who don’t favor mornings can make time for class times like that! If you work during they day like I do, I feel you, but if you get a day off, think about squeezing a morning class into your day! Your mind and body will thank you for the workout after!

I have said it before and will say it again, I have been DYING for studio time and soon I will have my opportunity to be back!

I hope to see you at the studio in the AM soon!

Until next time!