I started my pole journey about a year ago with my first Beginner pole class. Everyone starts their journey for different reasons.  I started pole to gain upper arm and shoulder strength. I knew my shoulders were weak and I wanted to gain strength. And maybe I wanted to look a little badass in my tank tops. 

My journey for pole has been a little bit slower. I have been in intermediate pole for several terms, and some ladies that have started with me are now in advanced. I am still in intermediate and I plan on being there for awhile, and I’m okay with that. The instructors are always saying that everyone has their own pole journey, and they are so right. There are some ladies that seem to be born to do pole. There are others that have to work on it and put the time in. I am one of those people. 

In my first few sessions of pole, I attended my pole classes every week as well as my practices. I had some personal things going on in my life and I started cancelling my pole classes telling myself that I would make up that class on another day. Then I would cancel my pole practice. 

Summer then rolled around and I just wanted to be outside enjoying the nice weather. I stopped going to pole consistently and stopped going to practices. I told myself that if I didn’t put in the time and effort I wasn’t going to magically be able to start doing difficult things on the pole. It’s a progression. You have to make the time and commitment to yourself to go. Initially I signed up for a class on Sunday evening with the intention that I would go because I’m home on Sunday and it’s in the afternoon. Well that didn’t always work out  I told myself that I needed to sign up for a class that I would consistently go to and that worked in my schedule. 

There are so many options for classes and I found the right class time that I could commit to every week that worked with my schedule. I went to that class every week and built on that. I told myself that I need to make it to the studio so many times a week and I need to take so many classes. I made personal goals for myself and I wrote them down on my calendar and felt a certain pride and accomplishment. 

I decided to stop making excuses for myself and put the time in, because this was my journey. I noticed that I have stronger shoulders and arms and am able to do things I wasn’t able to do. I also think I finally figured out the push pull and how it is supposed to feel. I’m a work in progress, but someday I am going to get there. I know that some ladies are like me. You make excuses for yourself of why you can’t do this. Don’t give up, give it your all and make a commitment to yourself and your personal well being.  I guarantee you, you will see improvements. They may be small at first, but Rome wasn’t built in a day…….