Social Distancing/Quarantine……. It won’t stop us!

We are now on day 6 of our social distancing. As an aerial community we are feeling it full force. That won’t stop us though! Right now I am beyond grateful for AERIAL DANCE! Our Founder Paula and our instructors hit the ground running. They rose to the occasion and met this social distancing on full force! They found a way to continue teaching classes and a way to connect us all during this crazy time.

Seemingly over night, Aerial Dance revamped their whole curriculum to ensure that we can still build our strength. Our studio offers 12 classes a night during this time. That is a tremendous undertaking, but they did! They did it because they truly care about their students! They care about our community, our physical and mental health! They put their heart and soul in all they do and will continue to work to help us be successful!

I have taken several Zoom classes and I have also taken Facebook live classes! Is my workout environment different? Yes, because I am in my own home, but the energy in these classes are contagious! I am not an at home workout type of person, but seeing my aerial sisters and instructors is exactly what I need! The energy that the instructors bring to each online class is the same as face to face classes!

Thank you Paula and all of our instructors at Aerial Dance! You are true heroes that we need during this time. Your commitment to making our sisterhood thrive!