During these crazy times, it is important to try to find some silver lining. For me, this has been in the form of much needed rest! I know, everyone talking about “get up, stay active!” and you should… but I’ve been giving my body the rest it needs from the tremendous amount of strain I had been putting on it for the past several months. What I mean:

It started for me in the fall. We were preparing for the annual show and all that this entails – teaching my student routine, writing and working on the instructor routines, writing and working on my solo. At the same time, I started to choreograph for my high school’s large group numbers in the winter musical. As soon as the annual show finished, I started helping some of our women prepare to compete. This year, because I am a glutton for punishment, I also auditioned for and was cast in a community theatre musical. All of which wrap up at about the middle of February. I’d also been building my dream home with my husband since early fall. The cherry on top – I got dreadfully sick right in the thick of all this.

My body needed a break. My mind needed a break. I have been trying to focus on being thankful for the forced slow down. I’m still trying to keep active – getting out and walking my dogs, cleaning and putting things away in my new house (that we were able to move into right at the start of everything changing). Being forced to rest my body from my apparatus work has been hard, but necessary for me. My wrists haven’t felt like this in ages. I’m making time to do little conditioning things for my extremities to keep and even build my strength so when I can return I’m healthier and better for it. Make sure you continue to listen to your bodies and do what you can to stay active, but also be grateful for the rest too.