If you haven’t been keeping up with Aerial Dance’s posts on Body Kindness so far, now’s the time. We could all use a reminder of how to be kind to our bodies. In a recent video, Paula explained the premise – for every choice you make, ask yourself, “does this make my life better?” The question is not, “will this make me skinny?” or “will people like me more if I do this?” When you make a choice that improves your life, it might not be one that aligns with what diet culture prescribes. You may eat a piece of cake at your sister’s birthday party, even though diet culture tells you it’s wrong. You may spend a restful day at home on the couch even though diet culture tells you that you shouldn’t. You may go swimming in a string bikini even though diet culture tells you that you can’t. 

I’ve decided to have pizza every night this week, not only because it makes me happy, but I get to have fun making pizzas at home and exploring my creativity (recipes have included: chicken enchilada, eggplant parmesan, prosciutto and arugula, pesto veggie, quattro stagioni, butter chicken, and apple and caramelized onion). I have been eating more vegetables and fewer processed foods this week because I am excited to make dinner at home. Diet culture tells me that pizza is bad, but when I reflect, “does this make my life better?” the answer is a resounding yes

As hard as it may try, the diet industry does not understand you and your needs. It doesn’t know you like you know yourself. Don’t let a toxic culture tell you what you “can’t” do. You are your best advocate. When you ask yourself, “does this make my life better?” I hope the answer is always yes.