While we are getting closer to the much-anticipated reopening of the studio and getting back to the activities we love, I’m sure many of us are wondering what that will mean for our pole and aerial journeys.  What happens to that advanced trick, flip, or combo we were working on that we haven’t been able to access for months?  What happens to the partner routine we were designing with a friend who we haven’t seen in ages?  What happens when our initial goal of signing up and attending our first class was achieved and now we realistically need to find the courage to do so again?  We redefine our goals and keep working! 

Chances are good that you had a plan for how to reach the goal you were working on.  Whether you are the type to write down your gameplan or tick mental boxes, your framework is still there.  As we are beginning preparations for returning to our playground, take this time to revisit the goals you were working on, or the goals you were planning to start as the weather turned warmer.  What are steps that you have checked off that you may need to revisit?  Redraw those mental or physical boxes; don’t erase the work you’ve already done!  Don’t cross out the steps you’ve fulfilled and negate your hard work.  Instead, add new items to your list, reorder your tasks, give yourself new opportunities to achieve. 

You can also use this time to get creative about your goals.  Take a look around your home environment.  What tools do you have to work toward your studio goals that are still accessible?  While safety should always be your first consideration, with a little creativity, you’ll find new ways to look at your surroundings and everyday objects to turn them into tools.  Be open to the opportunities that arise from your innovation.  Maybe you’ll find tangent goals along the way! 

If you were working toward a partner goal with someone logistically become inaccessible, consider the technologies available to brainstorm while you cannot physically work together.  Take this time to search out inspiration for new moves or transitions, break down videos and analyze what’s going into a trick so that you have a plan of action when you can get back to the studio.  Remember there are tools such as Zoom, Google Duo, Facetime, and many more to keep you connected and building when physically separated. 

Finally, what about those that achieved their primary goal: face whatever fear was holding you back, sign up for, and attend pole class.  You were so brave for taking those first steps!  You conquered whatever roadblocks were in front of you and chose an activity just for YOU!  Well that to me is proof that you can do so again.  Remember the other apprehensive, excited, shy, welcoming faces of the brave ladies sharing the studio space with you?  Consider reaching out and connecting over what brought you to the studio, what you enjoyed about your first few weeks of class, what you look forward to when you return.  What are your shared fears or concerns?  How can you overcome those once again? 

This has been and will continue to be a trying time for all.  However, in a community where sisterhood and support are primary focuses, your goals can still thrive.  If you have lost sight of what you’re working toward, if you feel you’ve missed too much or had to go back too far to find success, reach out to your Aerial sisters and instructors and together we’ll redefine goals and keep them alive.