Introducing Instructor Amber

This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to interview one of our new instructors, Instructor Amber! It was great to sit down and get to know her a little bit better. At the beginning of her aerial journey, I had the privilege to meet her as student and see her grow. Now it is my great pleasure to share with you a glimpse into the life Instructor Amber. She is a strong, beautiful, kind hearted woman who goes above and beyond!

Growing Up

Amber was born in Appleton and grew up in Hortonville. This came as complete shock as I too grew up in Hortonville. Hortonville is a very small town, so I was baffled that I did not know/remember Instructor Amber. While in high school Instructor Amber was in dance. Growing up she also was on a competitive water ski show team for several years! One of her favorite stunts was the barefoot pyramids and climbing up 4 tiers! It really got her adrenaline pumping! Above all the amazing tricks Instructor Amber loved the wonderful community and the sportsmanship!

As Instructor Amber graduated from high school, she found herself thinking, “I don’t want to stay in Hortonville. I want to move to different country and travel the world. Have all the adventures!” Throughout her college years and even into adulthood she never felt home sick.

She has lived in Appleton for many years and the hustle and bustle is constant. As she gotten a little bit older, she has come to realize that maybe quiet little Hortonville is not so bad after all. She still isn’t sure where her path will lead her as she and her husband Zak are currently home hunting.

College Years

After graduating from high school, Amber began her college journey at the University of Wisconsin Superior to study marine biology. She was the first child on her mother’s side of the family to attend a four year college. Instructor Amber thoroughly enjoyed her time at UW Superior even though her time there was cut short.

From there she took a year off of school. She went to school just because she wanted to, but not truly knowing what she wanted to do with her life. Instructor Amber contemplated a photo journalism career and applied to school in California. She was accepted into the program, but life through her another curve ball, and it proved not to be her path in life.

In between going back to school, she worked a few odd jobs. Her favorite job was working at Barnes and Noble in the cafe. While working in the cafe she bonded with her manager Mary, who helped grow in ways she didn’t expect. Instructor Amber also worked with our new Instructor Alyssa at the cafe, which would eventually lead her on journey she won’t soon forget!

While working two jobs, Instructor Amber began to take classes at UW Fox Valley for environmental and political sciences. On whim she decided to take a psychology class. She soon fell in love with psychology. After two years at UW Fox Valley, she transferred to UW Green Bay where she graduated with a degree in psychology and human development.

Life After College

Instructor Amber began her next adventure working in a hospital. She worked fixing and managing hospital equipment. She was also in charge delivering machines to patients rooms. This position was extremely lonely. Her office was in the basement and her interaction with people was very minimal. She felt lack luster all the time. That was her wake up call. She then began researching what she actually wanted to do.

Instructor Amber had always wanted to be a veterinarian, but it was too expensive and she did not have the time or money to go back to school. Then she began to research veterinarian technicians and how to become certified. Instructor Amber found that in Wisconsin you can do on the job training with studying on your own. After completing two years of on the job training, your employer can then sign an affidavit stating you have put in your training time and that they are competent. Once the affidavit is signed you may take the State and National Board Exams. To be a licensed CVT you must have continuing education to maintain that license.

Instructor Amber began applying to various vet practices and received a few call backs. She accepted a position at Appanasha as a vet tech assistant. Instructor Amber studied and fought hard to become CVT. During her two years of on the job training she ate, slept, and breathed studying/training. When she was finally ready to take the State and National Board Exams her employer signed her affidavit and she buckled down even harder. Thankfully all of her hard work paid off and she passed. She has now been with Appanasha for seven years.When asked about her job description she will tell that she wears many hats, but fully loves her job.

Round About Way to Aerial Dance

Instructor Amber found Aerial Dance through Instructor Alyssa while working together at Barnes and Noble in the cafe. She had seen post on Instructor Alyssa’s social media page about three years after they both had left Barnes and Noble. Instructor Amber posted on one of Alyssa’s pictures that Instructor Alyssa was amazing and she really wanted to give aerial a try. Instructor Alyssa replied well why don’t you? Like many of us Instructor Amber really wanted to try the aerial arts, but found it was difficult to find/make time for them.

A few years later Instructor Amber made a very similar comment that she should try it. Well, Instructor Alyssa went back to her picture from some time prior when Instructor Amber first mentioned she should try aerial, took screen shot, and sent it to Instructor Amber. Instructor Amber was caught. She knew she needed to set her hesitations aside and give it a try. After talking with her husband, he encouraged her to give it a try as it was exciting and not something she would typically try! Instructor Amber then set up her first pole class, took her first silks classes, she immediately fell in love! It wasn’t long before she signed up for the full membership. For her, it was love at first spin!

A Warm Welcome

Watching Instructor Amber in class as a student or as an instructor is a thing of beauty. She always looks so peaceful and moves so fluidly. Instructor Amber is a true inspiration. I admire her passion for all that she does. Her vast background makes it easy for her build relationships and connect with all people. Instructor Amber has a fearlessness about her which helps bring others out of their shell. Like all of our instructors at Aerial Dance, she goes above and beyond for her coworkers and students. She is a true blessing to add to the Aerial Dance instructor team. We are all so lucky to have you!

Thank you Instructor Amber for your time!

Until Next Time,