One of the biggest things when it comes to pole exercise is the type of clothing you wear. It does matter because you want to be able to grip the pole. When I  first started pole I learned that I needed my shirt to be breathable and loose, but not where it rose up when I moved. I also needed shorts that were short but breathable. I sweat a lot so having something light is key. You don’t have to start out in anything you aren’t comfortable in either. I’m not quite comfortable with wearing just a sports bra and shorts but some are, and I feel as you continue your journey the confidence will follow.

Another tip is to not be upset if you cannot understand or do a move. Everyone learns at their own pace and being different sizes our bodies need to get used to the movements. It may take lots of conditioning for you to be able to lift your body, or it might happen on your first day. For me, I’m finding I need to strengthen my arms and core to be able to lift myself. I’m also able to do some moves but not others. It can get frustrating but what helps me is to keep thinking about what I have accomplished and what I can already do. I keep trying and practicing till I’m able to do each move. It’s a great feeling and I’m always trying you think of that rather than look at the person next to me and think “she can do that why can’t I?” Everyone’s body is different and we all learn at our own pace. 

Third tip Is to have some kind of grip aid, but in small amounts. It helps a lot with gripping the pole. I find that this and wiping my hands on a towel help reduce sweat and increase grip. I get to a point in my workout where I cannot grip the pole or slide after I get very sweaty. I do my best to execute moves. I also find if I stop and take deep breaths and take a mini break I’m able to cool down enough to grip better. It is important not to use lotion on your body the day of pole dancing or it may cause more trouble with grip. The key is to keep moving forward no matter if you are able to do a move or not. It takes time and practice in anything you are learning.