Shhh It’s a Secret!

I am going to let you in on a little secret……. Christmas Show time is one of my favorite times of the year, but it is also my scariest! I love all aspects of the Christmas Show, the teamwork, the practices, the COSTUMES, and the hard work, but there is always one thins that gets me……. It’s the not knowing and being a little unsure of myself. Crazy right? My last blog was all about how amazing the Christmas show is and has been, but here I sit writing that it terrifies me all the same. Which truly it does!

Here’s the deal! When you sign up for the Christmas Show you never know what your instructor has planned. This TERRIFIES me, because I am a planner and like to know what is expected of me. Being in the Christmas Show puts the planning in someone else’s hands. This scares me, because what if what the instructor has envisioned for their routine is something that I am not able to do?

Each year I have battle with myself right before registration begins for the show. Should I or should I not sign up? That is always the question…… I know deep in my heart that I will always sign up for it, but that doesn’t stop the fear of failure from setting in. It doesn’t stop me from almost getting in my own way. Over the years of being in the Christmas Show there is one key thing that I have learned. Being in the Christmas Show makes me choose to be brave.


Each year this argument happens within and each year I decide to choose courage! I choose to push myself to be a better pole version of myself. Performing in the Christmas Show provides me with the opportunity for self reflection and self growth. This year my routine has a combo that scares the day lights out of me, because I have to do a Jade. Jade is one of my nemesis moves because I am not splitty girl. My hamstrings are super tight.

Through the years though, I have learned to ask for help or modifications when something isn’t quite within my reach as trick or combo. By asking it has helped my fear of failure decrease. For my Jade this year, we decided that if I cannot get a full Jade a Stag variation will be just fine. BAM it was that easy! Jade is still not my favorite, but I am more confident knowing that it doesn’t have to be perfect.

The best thing that I can say about overcoming my fear is that we are so blessed to have our instructors. Because, each year the instructors work with you so that you are successful and at the end of the Christmas Show you can be proud of all your hard work and dedication. They spend countless hours of their own free time to help us achieve our goals and feel like champions.

The Christmas Show is a journey full of ups in downs for students, instructors, and our Founder Paula alike, but together we create a show that falls just show of being pure magic! I am going to continue to work on me and my fears. I hope you do the same!