I was raised in the country in the middle of no place, which is where I still live today.  The closest town to get groceries is 28 miles away one direction.  If I want to go someplace, I must drive.  When I was in high school it was 56 miles round trip to school.  When I go to the doctor it’s almost 90 miles round trip.  I could move but I love where I live.  I want to be in the country, and I want to be close to my family.

Almost five years ago, I wanted to start taking pole and aerial classes.   I started to do research.  I was looking for a studio that was close to my home and of course there were no options.  Aerial Dance is 1.5 hours from my home one direction, or 3 hours round trip which is 138 miles.  I thought to myself, is all this drive time worth it?  Do I want to drive that far for this experience?  I decided I will give it a try.  I knew I didn’t have to do it forever however if I didn’t try, I would always wonder.  I would wonder what it is like? What did I miss out on?  Could I do it?  I decided to start taking classes one day a week.  I would drive 3 hours round trip for a one-hour class.  Then I started to take additional classes at the studio, so I would drive 3 hours round trip for three hours of classes.

I am so grateful I decided to get in my car and drive to pursue something I wanted to do.  Aerial Dance brings so much to women’s lives.  Aerial Dance is a community of women that support each other.  We provide amazing workouts that women stick with.  Women see changes in their confidence and their bodies all while having fun.  It’s a safe environment where women want to be.   I am now at the studio 5 days a week which equals 15 hours of drive time just to go back and forth to the studio.   I truly believe that if you want something, you go after it.  Don’t let drive time, your fears or your mindset get in your way from pursuing something you want.