Have you ever recorded yourself doing a move and then you watch the video and you are like, I thought it would look better?  How about video recording a sequence and then you watch the video and you feel it looks nothing like the instructor was doing.   Well sister, I am here to tell you we all do this, even instructors.  We do the move one time and we think it should look great.  We try the sequence one time and we think it should be perfection.  I am telling you that is wrong.

Aerial art is a sport.  What does that mean, well it means that in order to be great at a sport, it takes a lot of practice.  Practice isn’t learning a new move; practice is practicing what you already know.  During this time of pause, is a great opportunity to practice what you know and make it better.  Think about doing things with straight legs (not kind of straight), point your toes, think about trying to make the movement more fluid.  Practice moving across the floor more fluidly.  It doesn’t matter if you have equipment at home or not.  You can still practice moving your bodies in different ways.  Understand where the movement is coming from.  All movement needs to be an entire body movement, not just moving one extremity.  That is what makes movement so enjoyable to watch.

Our bodies all move differently which makes us special and unique.  We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses, that’s what make us all so special.  If you are practicing body movement and awareness your skills on each apparatus will improve regardless if you are actually training on the apparatus.  Don’t concentrate on what you can’t do, concentrate on what you can do.  Enjoy this pause as it’s a great way to explore body movement.