Recently I was asked in my pole class to do a move that I had been cleared on ages ago. I thought sure, no problem! I love that move! So I invert and I pause… ok I’m upside down now what? I literally could not remember where my hands or legs went! So what did I do? I came back out of my serpent and asked for a review! Once I got the reminder on where everything went I was golden. It all came back to me in snap… but if I had been working on that move occasionally I wouldn’t have needed that reminder!

So what I learned was never stop doing the moves know! It’s so easy to nail a move and then move onto the next. Learning new moves is fun and exciting but we have to remember to keep reviewing what we already know. That way you don’t end up upside down and not sure what to do!
What’s a good way to keep working on the moves you know? Come to practice! There are lots of practices at both studios. The instructors are there to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask for help! It also never hurts to pull your card out! We all probably have tons of moves on ours that we haven’t done in ages!