Pole is the love I never knew I needed until it smacked me in the face. It challenges me to try new things without discouraging me and driving change through negativity. I don’t have to be beaten down or sad so that pole can lift me up again. If I’m flying high, pole just makes me happier. I’ll forever be grateful for the beauty it allows me to see in myself every time I walk into the studio. 

Pole has drastically changed my body confidence. Before joining pole, I’d cover all parts of my body and continually obsess about what other people would think if my leg hair wasn’t shaved or if I had underarm hair. Now, I’ll gladly step up in front of an entire Christmas show after not shaving for a week just so I can show them the awesome routine I worked hard for and the tricks that I can do. Pole has taught me that I’m a wonderful human being just the way I am.

I performed my first pole routine recently at the Annual Show and wow’d my friends and family. I got cleared on outside leg hang in late September and a week later added it and a difficult entry into my routine and nailed it tonight! It felt so natural and free that I wasn’t worried about falling at all! And I POINTED MY TOES! Yaaaaaaaas!!! (check out the picture!)

I love that Aerial Dance has given me the ability to grow my confidence and push the boundaries of what I thought was beautiful. A few years ago, I thought that physical beauty comprised the majority of a persons beauty. Now I see beautiful women every single day all around me.