Shortly after starting my journey with Aerial they had announced they were going to be hosting a free fall themed outdoor photoshoot and I was ecstatic! I had never done a photoshoot before and had no idea what it was going to entail, but I was ready to take it on anyway. 

They had picked a beautiful park with stunning fall colors in the trees. It was a little chilly of a day but we all did the best we could to make it work. When I had gotten down to the area where they were shooting the photos, I was so amazed to see how many people showed up. I knew there were a lot of people that went to the Appleton location with me, but I had no idea just how many people between both locations there were and I’m sure what I was seeing was only a small fraction.

There were students, instructors, and the photographer all set up waiting while everyone was all lined up getting ready to go. Being able to watch the people in line ahead of me definitely helped calm the nerves a little bit. It was really amazing to watch students who are newer like myself at the time, instructors, and students who have been attending for years walk up with such ease and do their moves.

It was really nice how Paula (the founder), an instructor, and the photographer would help each of us out once it was our turn. Everything was a fast paced, yet the event ran smoothly. When it was your turn to go, you would simply walk up let them know what poses you were going to do and then once you were in the pose if you needed assistance to not spin as fast, add a little spin, adjust the outfit you were wearing, fix your hair, reminder to point your toes, whatever it may have been, they were right there to help. It was such a relief. 

I have the worst time at remembering the names of the moves. When it was my turn I was asked what I was going to do first, I simply told them I honestly didn’t know the names. I was just going to go into it and hope for the best. They were so great at helping me adjust my pose and let me know the names of them once I was in it also letting me know when to hold it for the photographer and it just made the whole experience so rewarding especially for it being my first one.

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