There are many benefits of pole dancing or other aerial apparatuses. I didn’t realize some of them until I started pole dancing. 

First of all, it can be a good stress reliever. I can be worn out from work, but when I get to the studio and start class, I have a renewed energy. It makes me feel good and I put all my frustration and stress into practicing moves or doing a spin. I’m not always able to do the moves, but just being there and trying helps. I feel better when I leave. Like I can face the world again. 

Another perk is that your body does begin to change. At first, you feel very sore and out of shape, but as time goes on your muscles adjust and strengthen. Personally I have noticed changes in my upper body and have begun to lose weight, too. You also become more toned and muscular. I’m excited to see how my body continues to change as I begin to execute more moves and spins. 

You also learn to dance and learn to be more graceful. I feel like compared to the first time I took a class to now, I’m able to dance more smoothly. I also feel like my balance has improved. I’m able to step or balance more easily. It can take a while to develop strength to do certain moves, but it is worth it when you see the changes. 

Lastly, your attitude towards pole dancing definitely changes. You think “wow, pole dancing can be fun, I thought only strippers did that.” When you start attending classes you definitely find out that it is for everyone and not just for certain body types. I loved the fact that you are not judged for your size or age. That everyone is accepted at the studio and can do just as good as someone else. It also looks easier than it is. It definitely takes a lot of strength and conditioning, which definitely benefits you in the long run. 

There are so many good things about pole dancing, I could never list them all. It might not be the right fit for everyone, but it is worth trying. Don’t let the thoughts of “I’m too heavy or old” get in the way of you doing something you enjoy. We should all be able to go after what makes us happy and helps us become our best selves.

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