I love to perform.  There’s nothing like it.  I love the rush of being in front of an audience, whether its 3 people or 300 makes no difference.  Being on an apparatus and getting to flow from one move to another to the applause and shouts of the crowd is exhilarating.  

Preparing to perform, on the other hand is not my favorite task.  In order to prepare, I have to practice either to many different types of music, or none at all.  The reason for this is because I never really know what type of music, if any, will be available at the venue.  So in order to make sure I’m prepared, I like to work with no music or changing styles so I can be ready for anything.  

I’ve also been helping other women prepare for performances.  I like to be able to encourage others to make sequences so that they can show off what they’ve been able to put together.  Sharing tips and tricks to help them be able to make longer sequences and use less energy so they can stay in the air longer has been my specialty.  It’s gratifying to be able to perform side by side with women (and men) who have worked hard and want to show off what they can do.  

Performing isn’t the focus of my work, but its nice to get to show off once and a while.  What we do truly is quite impressive, and I like being able to share my love of aerial with the world.